The use of any programs or bugs that alter or are in disagreement with the normal operation of the game is liable to punishment or banishment. In case of using illegal programs, the account will be permanently banned and will be applied to all other accounts that may be linked to the infringing IP, so be aware of the risks that occur when sharing your accounts. In buggy situations, we will use a progressive punishment that will work as follows:
1st Infraction: Account lock for 7 days;
2nd Infraction: Account lock for 15 days and reduction of 5 levels of the character used;
3rd Infraction: Permanent account lockout.

Some examples of punishable / banned bugs:
• Walk through walls;
• Attack of safe areas;
• Use of Hibrider 205 skill or Bulkan 175 skill for distant attacks;
• Use of the Human skill 300 along with the ability to hide;
• Use of Stones: Quake, Paradise, Blue Dragon and Annihilation in hunting areas and later return to the safe area, leaving the stone activated to obtain EXP from the monsters (it is a matter of attacking from safe areas);
• Use the Hell Down ability improperly (load the skill on one player / mob and release the accumulation on another target); And other bugs that may contribute to the benefit of the player in some way, hurting the rules of conduct of the server. Complaints should be made by video and forwarded by email to, or made by private message on the official game page In case of flagrant by a member of the game administration team the punishment will be applied immediately.
Depending on the severity of the bug, will be at our discretion the level of punishment.


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